be the first to try the future of activewear

We built the future of sustainable plant-based activewear.

Now we need you to help us test it.


äktiiv is a women's activewear startup on a mission to redefine sustainability in fashion.

That's why we're pioneering the use of next generation plant-based biomaterials to replace polyester, nylon, and spandex in activewear.

Instead of plastic we use regenerative nature based materials that are bioengineered to perform even better than synthetic activewear.

Our activewear is made out of the most advanced sustainable materials ever made. Now we need your help to test the future of activewear.

nature-based materials

Raw ingredients ethically sourced from nature that use less water, energy, and take carbon from the air as they regenerate.

a microplastic free future

äktiiv sheds 85-95% less microplastic than leading activewear brands, and we’re committed to making 100% plastic-free activewear by 2025.

no waste, no trace

While traditional activewear piles up in landfills, äktiiv biodegrades to return to nature in 6 months or less when you’re done with it.

plant-powered performance

äktiiv is made of plants but you would never know it. Our activewear is engineered to perform and feel – just like the activewear that you love.

because it's better for the planet – and our bodies


Our activewear is great to use and great after you’re done with it.

less microplastics

Doesn’t passively harm the planet with large amounts of microplastics.

renewable materials

Raw ingredients ethically
sourced from nature that use less water & energy.

better performance

It's made of plants– but you would never know it. äktiiv performs better.

join the movement.

If you're selected to be a beta tester you'll receive;

- An äktiiv kit - a top, sports bra, & leggings of your choice ($230 value) shipped out in our signature carbon+ sugarcane pod.

- Access to exclusive äktiiv events (launch party in L.A. in Spring 2023 & more).

- Opportunities to beta test new products in the future.

- The opportunity to shape our future collections with feedback directly to the founders.


we're searching for beta testers of all shapes and sizes. It is not a requirement to have a social following to be considered. If you're interested please apply.


how many beta testers are you going to pick?

We're looking for several hundred beta testers of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds.

Even if you don't get chosen this round we're always looking for new opinions to help improve our activewear. There's a great chance that you'll get the opportunity to beta test a new product for us in the future.

do I need to have a social following to be considered?

Absolutely not! We are interested in connecting with influencers but this is simply to get individual feedback during our product development phase.

If you do have a social following and would like to partner with äktiiv then please send us a note at

what does being a beta tester entail?

We expect you to wear our activewear in all different types of situations and give us your feedback on how we can improve it.

why do you need my bottom and top sizes when I apply?

We have a limited amount of product reserved for our beta testers and giving us your bottom and top sizes helps us match beta testers to the product that we have reserved.

what makes äktiiv activewear special?

At äktiiv we're on a mission to completely reimagine the materials we use to make clothing. We believe that regenerative plant-based materials can be transformed through material science to make high performance materials that perform even better than the synthetic materials (plastic) that all of us are used to wearing.

The result is activewear that is buttery soft, sweat wicking, durable, and fast drying but also plant-based, biodegradable, and drastically reduces microfiber pollution. Our first collection is a huge step in the right direction.

what's the background of the äktiiv team?

The äktiiv team has diverse experience in the fashion industry. Collectively the äktiiv team has over 30 years of experience at Nike as well as experience founding one of the first sustainable activewear brands with ethical domestic production in 2011.

Each of our founders shares one core belief. The fashion industry is killing the planet with petroleum based clothing that sheds toxic microplastic and never biodegrades. We're reimagining the way that activewear is made, enjoyed, and discarded for the future of our planet.

Join the movement.